SEO services

SEO (search engine optimization) services available from Pool King.

H1 tags, keyword density, bold text, reciprocal links, one-way links – don’t know what we’re on about?

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SEO services

There are many reasons why Traffic generated through natural search results is extremely important for your website to succeed.

To generate high search engine rankings an investment in SEO is paramount to ensure a lifetime of consistent traffic to your website. This can be a higher investment in PPC (pay per click) traffic initially, but the pay off is more sustained traffic.

It is known that in today’s market the cost of PPC has sky rocketed with bids of 5p or 10p a click are pretty much unheard of anymore, now its usual to spend £1 a click for many keyword phrases. The more competitive a market, the higher the cost of PPC. With extremely competitive markets such as money, casino, insurance having click prices as high as £30 a click!!

With PPC you need to constantly monitor what’s going on. How much you are spending. Which keyword phrases are costing you the most. Which keyword phrases are giving you the ROI you need.

You need to constantly alter the keyword bid amounts, test different adverts and monitor their ROI as well as dealing with the quality score issue, which can stop your well written adverts from showing in the first place. PPC is a lot of work on a daily basis and you can well end up losing money as well as being a waste of your time.

The only way to get ‘free’ traffic is through the use of SEO. SEO, done right, places your website in the natural search engine results for the keyword phrases you wish to rank for.

Knowing that internet users are searching for keywords relevant to your product or service, means that anyone clicking through to your website is always focused and more likely to purchase or signup to your service.

SEO is a long term strategy. Its not a do once and forget process, so it takes time and effort to do well. As soon as you decide to cancel or put on hold your PPC campaigns, then traffic stops immediately. If you are only receiving traffic through PPC – then that’s it, your website is now as good as dead. While natuaral rankings in search engine results, are forever.

Internet searches are more likely to click through to a website that is listed in the natural results than the paid results, as they know that the search engine has looked at the site and has decided its relevant for what ever phrase they have searched for. Its as if the search engine has ‘recommended’ your website.

Concentrating on ranking in one search engine, generally means showing up in all the major search engines. So one lot of work can produce rankings across many search engines.

So in effect, a one time investment can generate traffic from two, three or more sources!

The big boys look after their search engine ranking, and you should too. Everyone wants better rankings, whether it be a small business owner or a large multi million pound company, they all want their site to be at the top of the search results for what ever keyword phrase they are targeting. Multi million pound companies spend a fortune on SEO consultants to improve and maintain their search rankings.

At Pool King we offer a cradle to grave service for SEO.  We will spend a while talking to you discussing what seach phrases you feel are relevant to your website, who your competitors are, what the number of searchers are.  And once we have gone away and done our research, we can they provide you with an in-depth analysis of what we have found and create you a bespoke plan of action that will work to give you the results you want.

Done right, SEO can provide your website with visitors for many years to come, all from a one-time investment.

Find out NOW how Pool King can generate you the search engine traffic you want to your website right NOW, by filling in the contact form for SEO services.