About Us

Pool King computer support services, was set-up many years ago now, to help home users and small businesses with their computer hardware and software issues. We have been very successful in providing dedicated support to our clients and have gained many of our new clients through word of mouth recommendations.

We have helped these clients with their hardware requirements with suggestions on what ‘kit’ will do the job, full server environment set-ups and providing them details of where to purchase from with the best deals and then following the installation, providing them with hardware support to reduce their headaches.

Similarly, we offer support for many software packages. Whether these be the usual Microsoft offerings of Word, Excel and Access database or suggesting various other little known software packages to fulfil a clients need. Then either carrying out the installation of these or just providing details for our clients to install themselves.

With these software packages, we offer one-to-one training sessions to ensure our clients get the best out of the software they’ve just purchased or provide them with time saving tips – whatever they need.

Over the past 7 years or so, we have also been helping these same clients with their online needs. From website design, SEO/website rankings, email campaigns, email list management and website hosting needs. Whether that be doing the work, just providing advice or acting as a liaison between the client and their current marketing supplier. Knowledge is power – we don’t let our clients be overwhelmed with technical speak.

So if you are a home user or small business in Berkshire/Surrey and would like some help with your hardware/software/website/online, then just give us a call or fill in the contact form, we’re here to help.